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Every journey begins with a map. We designed The Blogging Milestone Map to guide you to a successful blog no matter where you start your journey — whether you’re a brand-new blogger or have some blogging experience.

It’s all laid out here so you can see how all the mini-courses work together to move you toward your goal.

I'm Here. Now What?

Whatever your level of experience, start with the two minicourses in the Start Here section to understand the route you’re going to take and how the courses are organized.

After you’ve worked through those introductory mini-courses, drop into the track that most closely matches your current starting point. Don’t worry if you find you’ve missed some milestones. Back-tracking is always permitted and penalty-free. 😉

Find your track and the corresponding mini-courses in the infographic below. You may also click on any single track in the following Track Guide for an overview of the individual track explanations.

The Blogging Milestone Map Infographic

Blogging Milestone Map - Start Here

Start Here

If you want to see your entire blogging itinerary first, you can view the entire Blogging Milestone Map. Or you can start with the 6-Figure Strategy, which explains why you move through the tracks in this particular sequence.

Start with either one but don’t skip this section, or you’ll be wasting time waiting at the wrong train stops on your trip. 🙂
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Beginner Track

Beginner Track

If you’re just starting out this is the place to be.

But it’s also for you if you started your blog on your own before joining SBO — because it’s likely that you’ve missed some critical steps along the way.

So even if you have some experience, familiarize yourself with all the milestones first before you decide where to start.

There are two stages in the Beginner Track, Total Newbie and Toe Dipper.
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Builder Tracks

Builder (Blogging & Writing Topics) Track

Now that the foundation of your blog is set up, the Builder Track is where you really begin to establish your presence in the blogosphere. The mini-courses in this track will help you to become confident in the how-to’s of both blogging and writing.

There are two parallel tracks in the Builder Stage, Blogging Topics and Writing Topics. Several courses are optional. You can do Blogging and Writing Topics concurrently. The goal is to be able to hit your milestones effectively and hopefully, consistently.
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Moneymaker Track

Moneymaker Track

Ahh. Monetizing your blog. Or simply put, making money. The Holy Grail for many bloggers.

This track is made up of two stages: first, laying the foundation to making offers to your list and getting paid for them (Aspiring Moneymaker), and next, getting that money rolling in (Eager Moneymaker).

A word of caution: Don’t be too quick to jump into this track. Without a strong foundation — a large and engaged email list, valuable relationships with influencers,a keen understanding of what your readers want and a track record of giving them what they want – you risk disappointment and failure.
A bigger email list is always better, as is more research and understanding of your audience.

You’re ready to begin the Moneymaker track if:

  1. You have at least 1,000 subscribers — preferably more — on your email list.
  2. Your readers and subscribers are asking if you coach people, teach a course or have a book.
  3. Other bloggers in your space are doing well offering products and services.

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