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Please review our FAQs. Can't find your answer? Contact us via this form, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Where do I log in?

Log in at

Or, you can go to the home page at and click on the link in the top left of the page that says Members, login here.

Members Login Here

Where do I find my username and password?

Your user name and password were emailed to you immediately after you joined in a Welcome email. If you didn’t receive that email contact the support desk at for your user name and password.

Where do I start?

The Welcome email you received also contained a link to the Start here page, which is You will need to be logged in to access the page.

Or, you can click on the Start Here link in the top of the left sidebar inside after you’ve logged in.

SBO Members Navigation - Start Here!

The Start Here page begins with the handy Blogging Milestone Map infographic to guide you to a successful blog no matter where you start your journey — whether you’re a brand-new blogger or have some blogging experience.

Whatever your blogging experience, start with the two introductory mini-courses in the Start Here track to understand the route you’re going to take with the Milestone Map and how the courses are organized.

Scroll past the Blogging Milestone Map to view the tracks, a short explanation of each one and a button to take you to that track:

Blogging Milestone Map Tracks

Where do I find the courses?

You can find the courses three different ways.

First, click on the Courses link in the right sidebar inside of after you’ve logged in. It’s the second link from the top under Members Navigation.

SBO Courses

The Courses page has each mini-course organized within the track it belongs.

Secondly, if you're looking for a specific course and would like to search by name, we have an alphabetical course listing that you can find at the top of the Courses page, or by clicking here.

Or, you can always access the courses by clicking through from the individual tracks on the Start Here page.

Where are the bonuses I was promised?

Once you've logged into, click on the "Bonuses" link – the last link in the Main Navigation (in the sidebar Menu).

SBO Bonuses

How do I join the hidden Facebook group?

You should have been sent instructions in the welcome email you received. If you didn’t receive that email please contact the SBO Helpdesk at because it also contains other important information. The Facebook group is now hidden so you can't find it through a search on Facebook. We'll need the email of your Facebook account to add you to the group, usually within 48 hours.

Where is the forum?

Once you've logged into, click on the "Support Forums" link – midway down from the top of the Main Navigation (in the sidebar Menu).

SBO - Support Forums

How do I use the forum?

You’ll find 13 forums based on general topics that we teach, such as Content, Your Blog’s Critical First Steps, List Building, Monetization and Traffic. While some of the group conversation has shifted to the Facebook group, you are welcome to chat with other members in the forum, which are a great resource. We encourage you to read the most popular posts for more inspiration, encouragement and perspective.

There are three ways to read what’s posted in the forum:

#1. Click on the orange title of each forum (Content, List Building etc.) and the forum will open.


You can then click on the title of any thread to read the original post and comments in that thread.


#2. Go to Forum Quick Links in the middle of the right sidebar and click on any of the quick searches to see either the Most Popular Posts or the new posts within a specified time frame — day, week or month.


#3. Go to Latest Forum Topics at the bottom of the right sidebar and click on the titles of the recent forum posts to read them.


To post a new topic:

Open the forum you wish to post in by clicking on the name of the forum, such as Services Available.


  • Scroll down all the way to the bottom below the forum posts until you see the blank post fields and the title, Create New  Topic in “Services Available.” (See image below.)
  • Write a topic title in the blank gray text box
  • Write your post in the large, blank, text box below the editor. Note that you can bold or italizicize text, copy text from another post and put it in quotations, use bullets and numbered lists, indent, center align, add links and images.
  • When you’re done writing your post, click “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” if you want to be notified every time someone replies. (Note: Come back to this same post and uncheck this box when you no longer want to receive email notifications.)
  • Finally, click the blue “Submit” button at the bottom left of the post field to save your reply in the forum.


To comment on a topic:

  • The process is almost identical for replying to posts others have written except to comment you scroll down below a thread of posts within a forum instead of scrolling to the bottom of all the posts within the forum.
  • Open the post thread you wish to read by clicking on the title.
  • Scroll down all the way to the bottom below all the comments on the post until you see the blank post fields and the title, Reply To: [Title of the individual post].”
  • Note: There is no blank topic title text box.
  • Write your comment in the blank text box below the editor.
  • When you’re done writing your comment, click “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” if you want to be notified every time someone replies. (Note: Come back to this post and uncheck this box when you no longer want to receive email notifications.)
  • Finally, click the blue “Submit” button at the bottom left of the post field to save your reply in the forum.


How do I unsubscribe from email notifications from a forum topic?

Go back to the forum topic you wish to unsubscribe from, scroll down to the reply box at the bottom and uncheck the “Notify me of follow-up replies by email” checkbox.


How do I add my picture to the forum?

It’s pretty easy. Create a free account on this site:

Add all of your email addresses, and upload an image. It will follow you on all WordPress blogs like magic.

How do I add my signature?

Here’s a simple way to do it:

Where do I find the Big Black Book?

You’ll find the Big Black Book, our guide to the top 100+ blogs that accept guest posts, in the Tool Library

What if I have a problem logging in?

Before you contact support please:

  • Check your login email and password against the login credentials we emailed you. (You may have mistakenly used the incorrect email address to log in.)
  • Clear your browser cache or history so it’s not automatically using a previously entered login that is incorrect.
  • Try logging in on a different browser (Chrome instead of Firefox for example) or a different device.

If none of those three tips works, contact the Help Desk at

I can’t view the PDFs. Or, the PDF isn’t displaying properly or is blank.

Most of the mini-course Resources can be viewed and downloaded as PDF documents. We test all download links among multiple users on different machines to make sure they work. But stuff happens.

First, try the link in a different browser — Internet Explorer instead of Chrome, for example, or Safari instead of Firefox.

If that doesn’t work upgrading to the current version of Adobe Reader often solves the problem. Get it here:

If you use some other reader, check if your updates are current and, if they aren’t, install the latest version.

If you still can’t open the PDF, the problem may be with the PDF reader extension in your browser. Check your browser to make sure your PDF reader is enabled and current. (Note: Solutions are dependent on the version of the browser you are using.)

Start with this brief “fix it” tutorial from Adobe which addresses Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox:

This article gives more details on what to do:

If that doesn’t help, please let us know. It would be incredibly helpful (and faster) if you could provide:

  • Your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Your OS version (Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.7.5, etc.)
  • Your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)
  • Your browser version (Firefox 31.0, for example)
  • A screenshot of what you’re seeing.

How can I update my name, email, phone or billing address?

Click on the “My Account” tab, in the top, horizontal SBO navigation menu.

SBO - My Account

Update your account information in the form provided and click the orange “Update My Information” button when complete. (See picture below.)


How do I change my password?

Click on the “Your Account” tab, second tab from the right in the SBO navigation menu. (See image above.) Scroll to the bottom and add your new password in the blank field under “Change Password.” Hit “enter” to change your password.

Note: If you are also a member of the GuestBlogging Crash Course, changing your password here will also change your GuestBlogging password.


Questions about your membership?

Give Jenn and Curt a shout at and they’ll answer any questions you have.

View the complete SmartBlogger refund policy here. 

How do I cancel my membership?

SBO - My Account

If you decide to leave the SBO community, you can cancel your membership from the “Your Account” tab, second tab from the right in the SBO navigation menu. (See image above.) Scroll down to the bottom and click the words “cancel subscription.”


If you are paying by credit card this one step cancellation will cancel both your access to the SBO membership site and halt billing on your credit card.

If you are paying for your membership via PayPal, you MUST go into your PayPal account and cancel your subscription in PayPal or you will continue to be billed. For reasons we can’t control, PayPal does not talk to our billing software. If you have questions or difficulty please contact the Help Desk at

The video is not working.

We use Vimeo to host and display all our videos because it is fully compatible with all browsers and operating systems. If the video is not playing (you see a black screen) or the loading icon keeps spinning, the problem is likely with a slow web connection or browser problem.

Try viewing the video in another browser by copying and pasting the URL at the top of the screen. (You may have to log into your course in that other browser as well to do this.)

If that doesn’t work check out Vimeo’s help page:

Note: Our videos on Vimeo are not public. If you go to and paste the URL you will not be able to access the video.

I’m confused about the time of the upcoming call.

We always post the times of our calls in New York time to make it easy to remember.

Here’s an easy-to-use time zone converter:

Choose New York City as a time zone and add your own time zone. By hovering your cursor over the time in New York, the converter will show you the corresponding time in your time zone. (See image below.)



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