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How to Navigate the SBO Minicourses

The method for building successful blogs – and successful businesses – is a three-part system:


We can throw a lot of tools, techniques and tactics at you but if you don't have the big picture of where you are and where you're going, you'll fail. The Six-Figure Roadmap is your blogging strategy.

Read the Roadmap when you join SBO to determine which of the five stages you are in (Comprehension, Connections, Conversion, Content and Clients) and what you need to do. Reread it every six months to keep yourself on track.


This is the stuff – the techniques and methods – that accomplish your strategic goals. Building an email list and establishing relationships with influencers are key, no matter what stage you're in. If you’ve skipped stages, you may have to back track and spend time researching your market or setting up an opt-in page and feature opt-in box, for example.


We give the strategy and tactics, but this one we can’t give you – it’s still up to you to do the work. We’ll help motivate you, cheer you on and keep you from wasting time. The SBO minicourses are designed to show you only what works, and give you the techniques and tools to make it happen.

The other SBO members are here in the forum to help you over the rough spots, answer questions and celebrate your victories.

Scroll down to find out where to start and the recommended sequence of minicourses. Each phase is built on the knowledge, skills and tactics of the earlier phase, so even though you may have more than 1,000 email subscribers, for example, you may need to catch up on some market research or tactics you missed.


How to Pick the SBO Track for You

Successful blogs are built in phases, and we’ve learned from coaching hundreds of bloggers that the goals and techniques for each phase are different.

Ready to Start

For Beginning Bloggers: You have the idea and enthusiasm, but you haven’t started your blog yet. There are some critical first steps to set you off on the right foot.

Fewer than 1,000 email subscribers

For Intermediate Bloggers: Your blog is up! You’re writing. There are key steps you need to take to build credibility, network with the influencers in your niche, build your email list and drive traffic.

More than 1,000 email subscribers

Monetization Fundamentals: You’ve been blogging for months or years, depending on when you learned that an email list is your most important blogging priority. You now have enough sustainable momentum to rapidly advance your growth with the right techniques.

Start with The Six-Figure Roadmap

Wherever you are on your blogging journey, start with the Six-Figure Roadmap. It will help you clarify your goals, identify gaps and show you what to do next.


Beginning Bloggers

Ready to Start Track


If you haven't started your blog yet, work through these minicourses in sequence after the Six-Figure Roadmap: Pay special attention and time to doing the research in Social Espionage because it will form the foundation for your blogging strategy.


Finding the Perfect Domain Name: Why Your Domain Name Sucks (and How to Find a Good One at a Reasonable Price)

Build Your Online Home: The Perfect, Pain-free Setup for Your WordPress Blog

Social Espionage: How to Use Social Media to Network with Your Influencers, Spy on Your Competitors and Skyrocket the Popularity of Your Posts

How to Create an Irresistible Opt-in Page: Get People Pounding Down Your Door to Join Your Email List

The Foolproof Formula for Attention-Grabbing Headlines: How to Hook Your Readers and Reel Them into Your Posts

Creating Credibility: How to Win the Trust of Your Audience

Intermediate Bloggers

Fewer Than 1,000 Email Subscribers Track


The minicourses in this track are hefty, so make sure you're ready for them by working through those in the Ready to Start track you've missed. Then work through the following minicourses in sequence.


Blog Traffic 101: How to Get Influencers to Share Your Blog Posts, Even if They Have No Idea Who You Are

The List Post Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Write List Posts That Go Viral

Traffic on Demand: How to Use Email Teasers to Get Traffic Whenever You Want

The Egobait Handbook: A Nifty Trick for Grabbing the Attention of the Authorities in Your Space

SEO 101: Everything a Beginning Blogger Needs to Know (and Some Advanced Tips)

The Ultimate Blog Design Makeover: How to Look Smart and Get More Traffic Even if You're a Newbie with Tech Stuff

Viral Infographics: How to Outline and Commission an Infographic That Goes Viral (Even if You Don't Have a Single Artistic Bone in Your Body)

Credibility Kickstarter: How Writing a Kindle Book Can Give You the Mainstream Credibility You Desperately Need

Monetization Fundamentals

More Than 1,000 Email Subscribers Track


If your email list has reached the critical mass of 1,000 subscribers, congrats! You're doing some things very well.

Rather than waste time and energy heading in the wrong direction, review the Six-Figure Roadmap to see what gaps need to be filled.

Can you check off these critical milestones?

Then you're ready to jump into monetization tactics. If not, all the minicourses in the earlier phase will bring you up to speed.


Make Mouthwatering Offers: How to Guarantee Your Readers Will Gobble Up Everything You Create

Your First $1,000 per Month: How to Use Your Blog to Launch a Telephone Coaching Practice, Even if You're a Beginner with No Credentials

Income on AutoPilot: How to Use Email Auto Responder Services to Bring in Consistent Income Every Month

Getting Paid: How to Choose a Payment Solution to Sell the Stuff on Your Blog

The Product Pricing Formula: Eliminate the Stress and Know Exactly What to Charge

How to Build Your Funnel No Matter Where You're Starting: Three Real-Life Case Studies of Students Who Began From Very Different Starting Points

Fundamentals for Every Serious Blogger

Successful blogging requires several foundation skills that will make everything else you do easier and more effective. Jump into these courses as you feel the need, and come back to them for refreshers.


If your writing is not as powerful as you'd like and doesn't get the response you want, use The Blogging Breakthrough: Why Your Blog Never Seems to Take Off and What to Do About It to master the missing ingredient -- empathy.


Hardly anyone has unlimited time to write, so learn how to squeeze the most from the time you have without sacrificing quality with the minicourse Become a Writing Machine: The System Professional Writers Use to Write Up to 10,000 Word a Day.


Everyone hits a dip now and then. Get through the low point faster and permanently with The Motivation Manifesto: Why Finding Time For Your Blog is Such a Struggle (and How to Become a Lean, Mean, Blogging Machine).